BOKS Bursts – Let’s Climb

Date: Thursday, April 15, 2021

Theme: BOKS Bursts – Let’s Climb with Seyi Smith, 2x Olympian

Directions: The goal of this Burst is to perform several variations of mountain climbers.

Kids place hands on the floor and support their weight in a high plank position.

Kids are asked to cycle their knees in towards their chest in a right, left, repeat fashion. Perform 10-40 repetitions depending on the group. Kids stand and rest briefly.

Kids get back in high plank position again and bring one of their knees in towards their chest tap the toe of the foot of the active leg on the floor, repeat with the opposite leg. Perform 10-40 repetitions and then stand to rest briefly.

Kids get in high plank position and ask kids to jump both knees in towards the chest at the same time, then kick straight back out to extension.

Kids then jump the legs out sideways while fully extended so that legs create a v formation, then jump the legs back together and bring the knees back to the chest. Repeat the actions. Perform 10-40 repetitions.